About us

BROKERTIES is a Premium Real Estate Company focused on 5 real estate areas: Residential property, Commercial real estate, developments, land sale, and Premium rent. In order to offer our clients the best service we can provide, we have set a fully qualified multidisciplinary team of profesionals who cover the diferent áreas of this company:

  • Customer support service
  • Legal department
  • Commercial department
  • Architectural department
  • Professional Photography Team

By doing so, we insure a correct management and supervition of all aspects that conform the correct procedure of your house sale/ rent.

BROKERTIES offers the terms you`ve always dreamt about and have never seen until now.

We speak your language. We understand your concerns and your needs. If you are currently trying to sell or rent your home and havent succeeded yet, give yourself a new chance of achieving your goal by joining BROKERTIES. You’ll be surprised of how benefitial it is to be our client.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the continuous developement of our relationship with our clients. In order to do so, we train our working teams in the revolutionnary and innovative RCO system.

We pride ourselfs in taking care of the people who work in our team, we are eager to improve constantly. We are fully commited to our instructive courses.


  • Customer support service
  • Trust and transparency
  • Comittment with our environement
  • Constant improvement
  • Team work
  • Innovation
  • Renovation

The general approach

Brokerties has developed a working system that allows our clients properties to be above the rest of published real estate properties. We are pioneers in the application of marketing strategies not yet exploited in real estate business.

Our offices

We have

Rooms for internal training or guest speakers.


Fully equiped kitchen.

Modern modular office spaces.

Mobile stations.

Free water consumption.

New generation computers.

Offices in Valencia

Our new offices in Valencia will change the way you want to work. The open, urban and sophisticated facilities are located in Valencia´s downtown area.


Our office is only 5 minutes away from the nearest public transportation. If you
need a car for a meeting, you will have at your disposal a vehicle from our fleet of cars every time you need it.


We have

Property Painting Service, No cost *

Call us to know conditions.

Zoom Room